Sunday, August 12, 2012

Edmodo for Small Groups

     Tonight I'm trying to work on things that take my mind off the fact that I start school in a week and my new school building isn't open yet. To stay calm, I've decided to get all of my internet spaces cleaned up and ready for the new crew. I'm not sure how many of you are using Edmodo, but it is awesome. I've used it with my 5th graders for a few years now, and I'm really starting to see some of the possibilities. I love that I can invite students to certain "groups." This makes it so easy to keep content focused for each group.

     This past year, I used Edmodo to make a district mandated world cultures research project a bit more interesting. Students were in teams to find research on their chosen culture. Then I set those teams up on Edmodo. 

Once students received their invite code, I asked them to share information they found on their edmodo page. The kids really enjoyed it. Here is a sample of some of the things the students shared. 

Some of the groups even started sharing as if they were members of that culture. The kids said this was the best part of the project. I have to admit, I did too. My email was flooded with their updates and posts, but I didn't mind. It was great to see them so excited to find resources! 

In addition to the groups, I like to subscribe to RSS feeds for the different groups. My math group has a problem of the day come through, reading has word of the day, etc. My small reading groups also have assignments posted for workstations.  I also like that I can join teacher groups and learn new ideas for the classroom. Does anyone else use Edmodo? I'm hoping to use this so much more this year, and I need some fresh ideas. Especially since I'm going insane waiting to see my new room!

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  1. I just learned about Edmodo at a conference over the summer. I also teach 5th grade so its nice to see how another 5th grade teacher has used it! Thanks for sharing! Lattes and Laughter